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Here's a tip to build the resilience of the total body of Danny Ching , the world champion Stand - Up Paddleboarding ( SUP ) .

The key is speed and endurance . SUP surfing may look like a more benign cousins ​​-kerap carried on the surface of calm waters , and as the name suggests , use the paddle as a means penggerak- but the fact quite the opposite . " Stand -up paddleboarding is a total -body exercise endurance , " said world champion Danny Ching . In the race SUP main classes , Ching rowing at full power for more than an hour before switching gears to six for the final sprint . " Some men just do the sprint for 30 seconds before the finish line , " he said . " I practice to be able to do it for a full minute . "
To build endurance, Ching did two approaches during practice. Five or six days a week, he paddled for more than two hours to improve upper body strength, total-body balance, and stamina. Ching also lift weights and cross-training with cycling, canoeing, and surf ski for packing more muscle and boost athletic performance. "Many athletes SUP talent like me," said Ching. "But few of those who train as hard as I do."
Do not hesitate to twist your body. As with other types of sports, eliminate leakage of energy is an important thing to be aware of SUP athletes to build success. One component of that is practiced by moving in different directions to build strength and balance of true. "Make a rotational exercises," said Ching. One of her favorites is the cable chop motion exercises: Attach the strap-shaped handle to a high pulley on the cable station and stood by the left side of the body are nearby. Grasp the handles with both hands, rotate the torso when you bring the strap passes right hip. Perform 10 reps, change the side of the body are trained, and repeat a series of movements. Perform 3 sets of 1-2 times a week.
Practicing with different intensities. True resilience is not about building power with one speed. But about fixing muscles and cardiovascular system to work efficiently in all situations - slow, medium, and fast. To build stamina dynamic as it is, Ching involves running intervals and distances in the draft cardio practice and improvise with different intensity of exercise in the gym. Follow the guide: On Monday, do 5 reps each set for each of the exercises you are doing; on Wednesday, 10 reps each set; and Friday, 15 reps each set. At each session, use the load that challenges you to complete all the reps. Such as exercise program 'choppy' that can help you build strength rather than design exercise that relies on the same reps and sets, referring to a study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. The days with high reps will also increase improve endurance capacity anaerobic (muscle) you.

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