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It's time to start preparing for the 2015 Urbanathlon challenges that will test the durability, mobility, and ketangguan you. Put some extra practice this in your exercise program.

Challenges 1. Participants must be able to prove yourself that you maintain agility and balance while exerting maximal aerobic ability.
Your workout: Perform 1 set for each movement. Then rest 30 seconds. Repeat once until you have completed two sets for each exercise movement.

1. JUMPING CHINUP. Stand under the crossbar chinup. Then in one motion controlled did leap upward, handheld bar technique underhand grip, and pull it toward your chest toward chinup crossbar. Momentum leap will help you pull your body upward. Do 2 reps.

2. REVERSE Burpee. From a standing position, doing squats, then lean your upper body forward, and immediately take a pushup position. After that lower the chest toward the floor, and the flowing movements of your body push up explosively to back upright. Perform 10 reps.

Challenge 2. These obstacles -jump water barrier, crawling under the spider net, and swinging limb to pass bars- monkey may look fun. But, you can also see it as a picture of a classic exercise in the military physical education -which heavy, exhausting, and requires endurance. If you want to get away, the exercise movements below you can calculate.
Your workout: Perform 1 set for each movement. Then go back to your workout.

1.WALKING LUNGE. Start with hands on head. Keep the torso remains upright, stepping forward with the left foot, and lower your body until your left knee is flexed 90 °. Push your left heel down and stepped forward to stand upright. Repeat the movement for the right foot. Continue up to a distance of 50 meters.

2. Spiderman pushup. Take a standard pushup position, your body forms a straight line from head to ankle. When lowering the body to the floor, lift your right foot, and swing to the right-outside while trying to touch your right elbow to your right knee. Return to the starting position, the same action for the left leg. Perform 5-6 reps on each leg.

3. Running uphill challenge in the pedestrian bridge Busway Bus, challenge the emergency stairs, until the Wall of Urbanathlon as high as 2.4 meters are obstacles that must be conquered.
Your workout: Perform one set of each exercise movement. Then rest 60 seconds. If you have already completed two rounds, back to your sprint.

1.STEPUP. Stand facing a park bench or a sturdy object of your knee. Place your left foot on it, and can keep your hands behind your head. Push your heels on the bench as you raise your body until your left foot to the bench lurus.Turunkan back foot down. It counted one repetition. Do 20 reps on the left foot, then on the right foot.

2. BULGARIAN SPLIT squats. Standing at a distance of two feet in front of a park bench. Bend your right leg and place it back right leg on a park bench. You can position your hands behind your head. This is the starting position. Keep your torso straight, bend your left leg, and lower the body until your left leg flexed 90 °. Push up to return to the starting position. Do 20 reps, switch your foot position that is above a park bench, and repeat a series of movements.

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